Hello! my name is Rabbiya

(As in Ra-Bee-ya) 

I'm a travel junkie. I took my first foreign trip to Singapore back in 1997 and remember being in disbelief at the magic of escape. I was a mere seven years old when the travel bug bit me - but once that travel bug gets to you, it's got you. 

I have since slowly made my way across 19 countries, and fallen in love with the world and humanity's epic creativity in every facet of life. My free time is spent missing every place I've ever visited and day-dreaming of photographing all those I haven't yet seen. 

If you want to know one thing about me, it's that I can't sit still. I might be in Victoria BC right now, but who knows if that'll be the case tomorrow.  You are welcome to follow my blog as my itching travel feet take me on the quest to find Wanderland.

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