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Solo Travel: Breaking Down Language Barriers

Solo Travel: Breaking Down Language Barriers

If you've ever been to a country whether you didn't speak the native language, there is some awkwardness which follows and some lessons which you learn:

1. You ask 'do you speak English?'...in English.

2. You sometimes offend those people who do speak English, by asking them if they speak English.

3. You will realize that a country's language is linked to their national pride to a greater extent than even the locals suspect.

4. You bring out your google translate app, but find it useless because the alphabet is pronounced differently.

5. You find out that English is not in fact a global language.

6. You find out that body language is in fact global. Although it quickly turns into a charades match between you and the locals.

7. You feel foolish when you can't gets your thoughts across.

8. You quickly stop becoming so conscious of yourself.

9. You become independent.

10. You also learn how to ask for help.

11. You feel lonely because you don't understand anything being said around you.

12. You learn to savour every conversation you do have.

13. If you are an introvert you learn to crave conversation more.

14. If you are an extrovert you are forced to learn how to enjoy your own company and silence.

15. You learn the universality of facial expressions; smiling gets the best results. Frowning gets you nowhere.

16. You learn the uselessness of learning how to cuss in 14 different languages. The only words worth learning in 14 languages are hello, please and thank you. And, do you speak English.

17. When you address locals in words from their language, they become more open to learning words from yours.

18. They also become more inclusive and make you feel welcomed into their midst.

19. So learn a few local words, so others will be more open to learn about your culture as you are to learning theirs. But mostly, do it to show your appreciation of the country that has welcomed you to explore it. 

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