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Waikiki Bucket List

Waikiki Bucket List

I admit that I didn't always get the fuss about Hawaii. Everyone has been there and doted incessantly about it's beauty. However instead of it convincing me to go and experience it for myself, the idea of Hawaii became so cliche that it wasn't even on my radar. When I moved to Victoria BC last year, its proximity to the Hawaiian islands forced me to consider it for a short travel break I was planning with my friends. And it was only after I saw this piece of heaven for myself that I realized that there's a reason behind all the hype. Going to Hawaii isn't a trend, and everyone who keeps singing its praises hasn't suddenly jumped on the band-waggon.

Truth is, Hawaii is as timeless as beauty itself, and I only learnt that by visiting Oahu myself. 

Here is a list of ten reasons why you need to visit Waikiki asap:

1. Waikiki Mornings

When you see that water first thing in the morning? You'll know you've started your day with a miracle.


2. Surfer's Paradise

For someone wanting to catch their first wave, Waikiki is quite possibly the best place to dip your toes into it. While Oahu's North Shore is world famous for surfing and where surf riding may very well have originated, it's on Waikiki beach's quieter waves that you might want to practise getting the basics down. 


3. Waikiki Beach

The tourist centre of Hawaii, Waikiki beach wakes up early in the morning and doesn't go to sleep till wee hours of the night. It's bustling with color, tourists and the Polynesian Aloha spirit.


4. Diamond Crater Hike

You can't come all the way to Waikiki and not get the best views of the city. 


5. The Food

Being the only urban centre in Oahu, the variety of restaurants and food is endless. 


6. Waikiki Sunset

Did you know that watching the Waikiki sunset is a communal activity ending in an applause?! Colors of a Waikiki sunset will leave you speechless. The sun that rises and falls in this part of the world is better, more beautiful and just otherworldy. 


7. Waikiki Nights

Needless to say I'm already planning to go back!

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