If you stand in Bandra and shout “Where can I have a good brunch?”, somebody or the other will point you to Salt Water Cafe. And they would be right in doing so because Salt Water Cafe (or SWC) has somewhat of a cult following when it comes to a wholesome cafe experience in Mumbai.



This is our second visit to SWC. The first time was in 2017 and it had rooftop seating at that time. This time, it was converted to indoor seating with a nice bar. As you enter SWC, the vibe is that of a European, particularly greek, cafe with its stone flooring and a little bakery just as you enter.



We started with Feta Burrata Salad which was very refreshing. It’s a mixture of feta and burrata cheese with tomatoes and pesto. They usually serve this with basil but since they didn’t have it at the time, we opted for rocket leaves which tasted really nice with the other elements.




The next on the list was a Bacon Sandwich and let me tell you it was a bacon sandwich to end all bacon sandwiches. Now we don’t really eat red meat but we make an exception for bacon and chorizo sometimes so when we make an exception, there has to be some expectations and SWC hit it right out of the park with this one. The bacon was cooked to perfection with the right amount of char and juiciness and just the right amount between two soft delicious brown bread. There was a side of coleslaw and french fries served along with the sandwich.



Italian food is one of our favourite cuisines and when it’s done right, it’s a real treat. The last item on our list was the Cacio E Pepe which was served al dente and overloaded with cheesy goodness with just the right amount of pepper. We asked ours to be customized to include chicken and a fried egg and it was the perfect ending to our meal (though we know an Italian nonna must have been rolling in her grave somewhere for the desecration of the dish!)



SWC will always be a go-to place to hang out with our friends and family for some good food and fun afternoons/evenings. The bill came to about Rs 3k which included two pints of beer as well. The place certainly feels up-market and posh, so the price tag, while being high, was well worth it. I’d go back here again and would certainly recommend trying it at least once if you’re in Bandra even if it’sc x just to tick off a must-do place.