It’s safe to assume that food is my love language. Because, truly nothing makes me happier than exploring different cuisines, eating and cooking good food, and from time to time, feeding people who are close to me. The major part of my day revolves around meal planning and figuring out which new restaurants to try out over the weekend. It also helps that my partner is a major foodie too, and let’s just say together we are a force to be bacon’d with (excuse the horrible pun)! Also, I am incredibly lucky to have friends who aid and abet my undying love for food.



When people travel, they bring back fridge magnets, postcards, and maybe chocolates for their loved ones. But when my friend travels, she gets me back chorizo! I mean, how lucky am I? I remember having the finest chorizo when Aveek and I traveled to Barcelona, way back in 2015. I was a much more conservative eater back then but I distinctly remember loving the chorizo tapas back then. Spanish food had been a culinary revelation for me and the textures and flavours of the food had really blown me away – be it seafood paella or patata bravas or the amazing array of tapas, it was delightful, to say the least! And considering my friend brought this chorizo from her trip to Spain, it felt only right that we cook it Spanish style, as a sort of homage, instead of our go-to Goan Chorizo Pulao.
What resulted was this incredibly flavoursome, Moorish rice that left the whole house smelling like some corner cafe in La Ramblas. The smoky chorizo mixed with the crunch of corn, blended with the rice that was cooked in homemade chicken stock. What an absolute treat to the senses! The best was the sticky bits left at the bottom of the pan. This was an absolute labour of love and I am feeling so grateful and humbled to have loved ones who care so much about me. Today was a good day.