We moved to Bombay 6 months ago and we have finally found the perfect Chinese food place – House of Mandarin.

You can take a Bengali away from Calcutta but you can’t take away their love for good old-fashioned Chinese food which somehow always tends to elude you the moment you step out of Calcutta. You sit and crave the oily goodness of Tangra-style chilli chicken or the soul-soothing dimsums of Bar-B-Q but nothing quite really cuts it. So with much hankering, we were on a mission to discover some wholesome, no-nonsense Chinese food in Mumbai, ever since we shifted and that’s just what we found in House of Mandarin, located in Bandra.

House of Mandarin is one of the few places where you can have an enjoyable dinner in the heart of Bandra without burning a hole in your pocket. The lovely ambiance, complete with hanging lanterns and nice decor, is a perfect place for a family outing or dinner with friends after a long and hard week.

Chicken in Red Chilli Oil

Pan-fried Noodles

We started with prawn har gau which are little dumplings filled with prawns and we also had prawn tempura rolls which are little rolls of prawns in a tempura shell. The food is simple and the quantity is great. Their main courses have more than enough for two people and the pan-fried noodles are made very well and reminded us of the noodles we get in Tangra, Kolkata. We also wok tossed chicken in chilli and black bean oil as well as the chicken in red chili oil which went beautifully with the noodles.

House of Mandarin is a peaceful oasis, a shangri-la of yummy goodness, and has satiated our love for good Chinese food. We have already visited the place twice and we’ll keep coming back every time we miss HOM (bad pun, sorry!)