Sundays are when we just take some time off to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all because let’s face it, Saturdays are usually spent doused in beer and socializing (for us at least!)
Life in Bombay can be tremendously stressful and one of our favourite things to do is drive down to town and spend time at Marine Drive just looking out at the sea. Honestly, I don’t think we can ever get tired of this iconic promenade.

Fun fact about this major tourist attraction: this beachfront stretch of road came into existence as the result of a failed reclamation project.

Today it has become one of the most popular haunts for people to just chill out and look over the sea. You’ll find romantic couples here, you’ll find families on a day out, fitness enthusiasts jogging. It’s like you’ll get a glimpse of the entire Bombay demographic right here. From high-end restaurants for the rich and fabulous to street vendors selling chaat and tea by the bay, there’s something for everyone in this place, true to the spirit of Bombay.

Another fun fact: The actual name of the Marine Drive area is Sonapur (yes, it’s true!)
The road that stretches along this area is officially named Netaji Subash Chandra Bose road, though many people know it as just Marine Drive.

We both love this stretch and usually make a pitstop here if we plan a trip to Colaba. Last weekend however, we went gallivanting around town on a Sunday morning and after a long, rainy drive across the sea link and Marine Drive, we realized that time has just flown and we are ravenously hungry. It was way past breakfast and too early for lunch so the obvious choice was to have a nice, hearty brunch somewhere without really overdoing it. After a quick research, we ended up in Kala Ghoda. We had been meaning to visit the outlet in Juhu but this must have been providence!

Also, random thought but is it even Sunday if it doesn’t involve brunch with pancakes? The right answer is a resounding “NO”.

Poetry by Love and Cheesecake is a cute little place with a snug library and pastel-hued decor but being famished we couldn’t quite focus on the loveliness of it all and dived right into the menu. I knew what I wanted and immediately ordered the pancakes and eggs benedict with some coffee. The food arrived early (yay) and it was really delectable! The pancakes were generously sized and fluffy, just the way I love it and came with whipped cream, a berry compote and a small side of honey that I quickly doused it in. The eggs benedict was perfectly cooked and really hit the spot as well. I enjoyed the coffee too, which was freshly brewed.

We didn’t get to order much as we became full quite fast but thoroughly enjoyed the meal which kept us going through the rain-soaked drive back to Andheri. Of course, I made a mental note to visit again and try out all the lovely baked goodies they have as well (the croissants really cried out to me but I had no space!).