Last evening, on a rain-drenched beer drinking spree, we decided to step into Mamagoto in Bandra, and relive the nostalgia. It used to be one of our favourite restaurants in Calcutta and we’ve spent many an evening savouring the delectable food in the Park Street outlet they used to have. During the pandemic, one of the saddest moments for us was when it shut down. So we couldn’t wait to revisit it in Bombay!

We knew exactly what we wanted to have and immediately ordered the chicken in lettuce cups along with the famous Bangkok chicken bowl – both of us being our absolute favourites. The chicken in lettuce cups is basically cubed chicken cooked with basil in a spicy, tangy affair and served with shredded lettuce. You go DIY into creating little cups of your own and having it. It tasted just as we remembered it and we really enjoyed it.

The Bangkok chicken bowl is rice based and we had the option of choosing either sticky rice or fried rice. We went with the former. It was exactly what we needed on a rainy evening and I can safely say it’s the ultimate comfort food! Oh, how can I forget, we also ordered a bucket of Budweiser beer. Because, why not? The bill came to about 3.5k for two people with the alcohol.


It turned out to be one of the most memorable dinners for us because food as you know it, is never just food. It’s an amalgamation of nostalgia, love and memories. Needless to say, we can’t wait to go back to our dear old favourite and try out all the things we have loved here along with new things on the menu.