It’s been a while since we have been in Bombay and we still haven’t gone to Goa yet (blasphemy!). Unbelievable, right? The last time we moved to Bombay, which was in 2014, we went to Goa on a bus, on a train, and by car! And the rest of the times have all been on a flight. We have a borderline unhealthy obsession with Goa and have been there about 11 times (must document that sometime). So anyway, we decided to do the next best thing – have Goan food. There are many options in Bombay for Goan cuisine and we started with one of the more popular ones, O Pedro in BKC, which turned out to be a mixed bag for us.


If you imagine that you’re chilling on a beach with a pina colada while waiting for some vindaloo or xacuti, or crispy fried calamari while the sun sets blissfully in front of you, then that is not what you should expect from O Pedro’s.

We sat outside as the restaurant was packed but it was a pleasant evening and they had this big cooler that blew air in our general direction, keeping us cool and comfortable. The lighting was very nice and the ambiance was perfect for a casual evening with friends. Special mention for the service which was really prompt and helpful.


We ordered the Burrata Salad which was incredibly wholesome and a good way to start (this would start Debjanee’s love affair with burrata). There was a big and substantial piece of burrata that nested on melon seed granola and tomato puree. It was a very balanced starter dish and was followed by the Choriz Chilli Taco which was mini tacos filled with chorizo. The tacos were good but the serving size was pitifully small. They did mention that these are “half plates” but it was too small a serving even for two people and vanished in the blink of an eye.


For mains, considering the portions were quite meagre, we ordered an assortment of food. We went with  Beryl’s Fish Curry which was made with dried mango and kokum coconut curry. It was tangy and paired wonderfully with the Goan brown rice. We really enjoyed this one and was the highlight of our meal. We also had Chilled Red Snapper Ceviche with tamarind dressing but personally, the ginger was the only thing I really tasted. Our friend had the Bone Marrow Fey-joe-ada which was a little heavy but went well with the sourdough poee. Special mention to the balchao flavoured butter that came with the poee. So yum!







O Pedro, my Pedro, please do add some more stuff to the menu. It could use a bit more dishes and a bit more variety. We will go back and try the sandwiches which we have heard a lot about but we leaned towards the fine-dining menu instead of the fun dining dishes. The bill was about Rs. 7500 and I think that was quite reasonable for 4 people on a Saturday night in BKC. We will go back and if you’re on this side of town, do check out O Pedros.