If there was ever a portal that could take you back in time, it would be the doors of Britannia & Co Restaurant in Bombay. This authentic Parsi joint is located in Colaba, which has a lot of other famous Parsi restaurants like Jimmy Boy and Cafe Military.



As you enter, you will be transported to another era. The tables and chairs, the antique lights, the wooden staircase, and the peeling walls will make you forget which year you’re in. Is this the 1950s? The 60s? The hand-painted “Only Cash” on each table with smartly dressed staff will only confuse you further. A mobile phone will be the only giveaway and bring you back to reality.



We were starving so we got down to the business of ordering some Chicken Berry Pulao and Chicken cutlets. We figured we would start with this and order more if we still felt hungry. We needn’t have worried because the portions were more than adequate and easily satiated us.


Waiting for my food!


The Berry Pulao looked plain and almost unimpressive. The white rice glistened with a few balls of chicken strewn here and there. Bite into it and everything changes. Inside is a layer of chicken gravy which really brings the dish together. It was the most comforting of all foods and tasty as hell to boot.
The chicken cutlet was sheer art. A thin layer of crust enveloped finely shredded, super soft chicken. It’s easy to just use minced chicken and much harder to shred and tenderize it to this level of perfection. Needless to say, it was a delight to eat. The size of each cutlet was very large and they served two pieces in a single order. We washed it down with some Ice Cream Soda and by the time we left, we were positively stuffed like the chicken cutlet we just had.



If you’re in this side of town and want an authentic Parsi fair, do check out Britannia and if you’re here, do say hi to the very sweet dog who lounges lazily at the counter!