Always somewhere, but never here.



Traveling and exploring the world around us is what defines us as individuals as well as a couple. The travel bug bit us in 2010 which started as a short trip to Goa and then went on to doing stuff like covering 8 countries in under a month. Debjanee works in advertising as a copywriter and Aveek works as a web-designer in Mumbai, India.

From early on in our relationship, we noticed the tie that binds was our insatiable love for new experiences, be it traveling or discovering awesome new places to eat. We went to so many places, from Shantiniketan to London, without a care in the world and fuelled only by the love to go somewhere new. In all that fun and pack-my-bags-and-go, we realised that we need to sit down and document the places we have been to and the things we have seen or they will start fading. Memories can be fickle, after all.

Currently we are sharing the experiences of our life in Mumbai which has so much to offer! After all, it’s the Maximum city for a reason. So we invite you to join us as we talk about people, food, beer, and life while on the road as we set out to find wanderland.