Bombay has the greatest variety when it comes to cuisines – you can find almost every kind of food that you’re looking for and when we wanted Vietnamese, our stop was Nho Saigon.

Hoi Lager Beer

A quick story. On a trip to Berlin, many years ago, we stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant. It was near our Airbnb and after a day of traveling, we were famished. At that time, I had ordered a rice paper roll. There was something so unique and comforting about that, the food itself and the whole experience, that I have tried looking for that rice paper roll in India with no luck. So imagine my joy when I was in BKC at a pub nearby and I saw this being served. I had to go back and try it for myself and I can tell you that this is the real deal. Nho Saigon has some amazing rice paper rolls and we tried out two of them. Once was with lettuce and herbs and the other was egg rice paper roll. Let me tell you that I was transported back into that evening and finally got my long-deserved closure.

Egg Rolls

The place itself is buzzing on a Saturday night and we were lucky to have gotten seats without much of a wait time. We did notice a queue outside within minutes of us sitting down. Nho Saigon has their own beer on tap made by Monkfish Ale and we had the Hoi Lager and Hoppysaurus. Both of them were light and refreshing IPAs with nice and fresh flavours which went with our rice rolls and the chicken dumpling starters.

We moved on to the mains which consisted of “Pho” which is a five-spice clear broth with rice noodles and fish balls. We also had some flat noodles with “Bia Hoi Ga” which is a wok-tossed chicken with black and white mushrooms.

Bia Hoi Ga

Flat Noodles

Fish Ball Pho

Nho Saigon is a good place to hang with your friends on a Saturday night after a long and tiring week of work. The bill came to about 9k for 4 people but there were some additional charges (like 300 bucks for extra beer samples and some amount for dipping sauce) but we didn’t mind it because the experience was a good one. If not for anything else, we’ll definitely go back for the rice paper rolls!